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We’re Pregnant! The Dads-eye-view

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Pregnancy from the Daddy-to-be’s prospective.

It all starts when you hear those magical little words… “(insert pet name) I’m late”.  As a man, I needed to take action! So, a quick trip to the pharmacy, a bottle of water, and a bunch of toe taps later, the little window on the stick confirmed we’re having a baby! Emotion, hugs, thoughts running through my head about what I’m supposed to do now, then one of us asks; “what do we do now?” “That box of pregnancy tests came with two sticks right?” “Ya…” “Well let’s try it again.” One more bottle for the lady, a few less tow taps this time since I was pretty sure the test will come back the same, but none the less, the toes needed to be tapped. Once again the little stick gives us the thumbs up, we’re having a baby! Now it’s real, it was real on the last stick too, but by now I’ve had more time to process, so I’m thinking a little more clearly. The conversation ball starts rolling. “What do we do now?” “Do we tell people, or do we wait?” “Who are you going to tell first, who should I tell first?” “Will I be away with work during the pregnancy?” “How will our crazy dog react to a baby?” “Baby? …We’re having a baby.”

The next couple weeks seemed pretty normal for me, we kept the conversations going and finding answers to all the questions we had. Sometimes I’d temporarily forget that I was going to be a father, it just didn’t seem real. I was still wrapped up in my own life, it hadn’t really sunk in yet. Her on the other hand, that’s a different story. She was NOT having the greatest of times, she fought the morning sickness pretty hard, and in the end i feel like she won the fight. While I was enjoying my dinner she could barely stand the smell of hers, or pretty much anything else, for that matter. Sure I had to eat the lions share of the meal, more for me, bring on that sympathy weight! She had no energy and seemed tired all the time. Luckily we were able carpool to work, so I took over all the driving so that she could get in a few extra winks during the commute. I don’t think it helped all that much.

Once the morning sickness subsided, food became a whole new priority. I was hoping there would be some weird cravings like the ice cream and pickles thing everybody talks about. There wasn’t. She stuck to the same foods as before, they just all of a sudden became quite the priority. Hunger was a beast that never seemed to go away for very long and it needed to be killed. This sympathy weight was starting to take it’s toll, I thought about taking up jogging but opted for a blender instead. I’ll take smoothies over jogging every time. The random cravings could be triggered at any moment, if we passed a Domino’s delivery car on the way home, you better believe that was going to be our next stop. Speaking of stops. When the pregnant lady says she has to pee, that means she’s gotta go! There’s no waiting until we get home.

As far as growing, and delivering a baby is concerned I know I am completely useless, beyond the initial deed of planting the seed, I have no part in this biological process, it’s all up to her now. Us Dad’s have it pretty good for those first couple trimesters. We get to help pick out the little baby outfits (making sure glitter is avoided at all costs), put together some furniture for the nursery, feel the little baby kicks, all the while fantasizing about what sport your future all star is going to play. The most important thing I knew I was capable of doing, was just being there. Be there to support her during the doctors appointments, the ultrasounds, and staying up to date with the development of the baby. It really hit home for me when I heard that quick little heartbeat for the first time, and seeing that little alien on the monitor during the ultrasounds. I found myself taking on more chores around the house, making a few more meals, doing a few more loads of laundry (because she’d forget), and just picking up a few more of those day to day tasks to make her life a little bit easier. Beyond that you just toss in a couple of massages, because her entire body is swollen and soar, and that pretty much sums it up for me. I’m just the helper, doing what i can to make her world a better place. Did I mention, you always know who the DD is going to be when you go out with friends?

Now I just wait. Wait to be called into action, head down to the hospital, and meet my baby girl.