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Traveling with a baby at 2 months old

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Traveling with a baby at 2 months old

Sometimes traveling with a baby is unavoidable. It’s inconvenient, tiresome and can be annoying at times. We ended up driving almost across the entire country with a 2 month old who had just received her first immunizations. Here are a few tips to help you get through that long road trip with a young baby.

Decide Where You are Going to Sit

Obviously if there is only one adult, you’ll be driving, but if there is more than one of you, decide whether or not you are going to be sitting in the back or front of the car. If you are sitting in the back, put the front seat as far forward as possible and get an organizer for the back of the front seat. This makes it much easier when feeding baby on the go, storing toys and your own stuff.

The Gerber Store

Pack for the Entire Trip

I think this goes without saying. You don’t want to be stopping at Walmart everytime you run out of wipes or formula. Although, if you don’t have enough room in the vehicle for everything, be sure to plan stops in cities where you can re-stock.

Leave Room to Change Baby

Screw bathroom change tables! Most of the time they aren’t there anyway. We left a space to move the play pen/ crib when we needed to change her, and then used the space where it used to sit in the trunk as a change table. We then moved it back for safe traveling.

Use Dog Poop Bags for Dirty Diapers

They are usually cheaper than Diaper Genie to-go bags, and they are the exact same thing. They keep the stink down and they are easy to throw in the garbage at your next gas station or food stop.


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Ensure Baby’s Food is Readily Available

While traveling with a baby, you’ll want to feed baby on the go majority of the time, as it saves a boat load of time. In order to do this, you’ll need to keep food, bibs and burp cloths close by, I suggest keeping some in your back seat organizer mentioned above.

Bring a Variety of Hanging Toys

Baby’s need stimulation often. Ensure you have a variety of hanging toys for on her car seat, that you can rotate through when baby gets bored.

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Record her Swing Lullaby

When we are at home, my baby falls asleep in her swing with lullabies playing quite often. I wish I would have recorded her swing on my phone, so I could have played it whenever she had difficulty falling asleep on the road. The familiar sound of her swing would be comforting and soothing in an unfamiliar and ever-changing environment.

Think About Time Changes

Like I mentioned earlier, we are driving almost all the way across Canada. For those of you who do not know, Canada has 6 different time zones and we are spending time in 4 of them this makes traveling with a baby a tad difficult. With a total of 3 hours difference between home and our destination, it makes keeping baby on a schedule a bit hard. Babies will naturally adjust on their own based on when the sun goes up and down, it just takes a bit longer than it will for adults to adjust. Be patient, let baby be outside often, and keep the time zone in mind. It took our baby about 4 days of being in the final time zone to fully adjust.