The Name Game

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Giving your child a name is a very important step to introducing new life into the world, after all, she is going to use the very name you decided on for the REST of her life.  It will be the first thing she learns to write, it will be on all of her school assignments, and even her business cards.  It may even be your grandchild’s or great-grandchild’s middle name.  Does that mean that the process of picking a name has to be so serious?  I think not.

There are many ways to come up with a name.  Before we knew the sex of our baby, we went for a drive around the town, all while Steve was looking at signs and proposing them as names.


“Maximum” came up a lot.

We passed signs for creeks and roads, campsites and parks. “Meades” “Lakeview” “Maximum” “March” “Beach” “Gordon” “Maximum” “Ruskin” “Beaver” “Maximum!”  And of all the terrible names, came one plausible name.  Sutton was written on our list for boy names, Inspired by Sutton Creek.  So now that we had a boy name, it became time to focus on a girl name.  We kept up the sign game for a few weeks, extending it to billboards and businesses, and still came up with nothing for a girl.  As it turns out, there aren’t very many suitable girl names on parks and road signs.  We tried all the usuals: favorite characters, favorite actors/actresses, names we’ve always liked ect.  One of us always vetoed the other.  So how do you come up with a name when you can’t agree?  We sat down, both with the exact same list of 100 baby names on our phones.  We each made our own list of 5 girl and 5 boy names, without the other seeing, and we compared.  There was only two names for each gender that were on both lists:

Boy: Sutton and Landon

Girl: Avery and Hadley

Now that we had first names, it was time to look into middle names.  We both agreed fairly early on that middle names were reserved for the new grandparents, it was just a matter of which grandparents name would come first?  There were a lot of things to take into consideration, including the flow of the name, initials spelling weird words, anything he/she could be made fun of for, and of course, how easy it is to yell!

We put the lists with the names on the fridge, and hemmed and hawed over them for weeks.  Somewhere in those weeks we found out that we were having a girl, which took care of half the list, leaving us with two girl names.  As time went on, we began to favor one over the other and eventually we were down to one name, but we still weren’t sure which order to put the middle names in.  I spent hours saying the two options over and over, both in my head and out loud, trying to figure out which one sounded better and which one I ultimately liked better. I’m sure Steve did the same.

In the end, we picked the name that sounded stronger while still having that girly and pretty feel to it.