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The Awkward in between

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You all know what I’m talking about when I say the awkward in-between.  You are finished work, and still pregnant, just waiting for her to arrive.  You aren’t wasting your energy at work, and all the nesting is done and over with.  So what do you do with your time?  I’ve been off for a week now, and I feel like I’m running out of things to do already (hence starting this blog).  So here are some things I found pass the time quite nicely:

  • Clean the house
  • Dog W’s (DON’T SAY THE WORD!)
  • Netflix
  • Blogging
  • Online work from home

Cleaning the house

I don’t have to tell anyone how to clean, I think we all know how.  These days I get very tired just from running around the house cleaning everything.  So, instead of tiring myself out once or twice a week, I set up a daily rotation: Monday- Dust everything.  Tuesday- Sweep and Mop the living room.  Wednesday- sweep and mop the kitchen/ dining room… so on, so forth, you get the idea.  Doing it this way makes me feel accomplished everyday rather than just a few days a week.

Dog W’s

Seriously, don’t say the word, he WILL hear you!  I try to walk every day for about 20 minutes, any longer and I may as well crawl home.  It keeps me and the puppy (albeit he could use longer) active and the blood circulating.  All good things for me, baby, and Kavik (That’s my dog’s name).


We all love a good binge watch!  Some of my favorites on Netflix right now are:  Riverdale, Dynasty, Gypsy, Blacklist, Grey’s Anatomy, and Nashville.  The longer TV series are GREAT for binge watching while at home waiting for baby to come, but beware, time flys, and you start to feel like a lump on a log.


I find myself exercising my brain with writing quite often these days.  It is a great way for me to get my thoughts and ideas out as well as share them with others.  I use for my blog, but there are plenty of other host sites out there, such as wordpress, wix and go daddy.  My blog happens to be a Mommy blog, but you can write about absolutely anything.  Find a passion and start writing.  It’s great!  even if you don’t post your thoughts and ideas like I do, just writing them down in a journal will keep your mind sharp and hopefully help fight off the pregnancy brain!

Online work from home

Truthfully, I’ve been bored since about day 3 of staying home from work.  I looked into all kinds of options to keep me busy.  And I figured if I’m trying to find something to keep me occupied, why not make some pocket change while I’m doing it.  So I looked into working from home and came up with a few viable options.  The first one being User Testing.  This site allows you to test and give feedback on websites.  They give you something to find on the website, and you find it all while speaking your thoughts out loud.  They record your screen and your voice, no faces so you can do this while sitting around in your underwear if you wish.  The second website I found was Humanatic where you review recorded phone calls from businesses and categorize them accordingly.  This can be rather interesting at times, but it can also be tedious or boring.  Some calls take you 5 seconds to categorize, some take 5 minutes.  If you are doing this for the money, I suggest you find something else, they pay pennies per call, but if you are doing it to pass the time, like me, it’s not too shabby!  Another site I found, but cannot use, is Spare5.  This is for Apple users only, no Android allowed.  They give you a list of things that they need pictures of, (stop signs, wooden fences, lamps ect.) you take a picture of it and get paid.  For some objects they pay up to 99¢.  It’s a great way to get outside and not think about all the walking you are doing while preoccupied with taking pictures of trees or fences.

These are just some options that I found, there are so many more out there, you just have to look!