5 Simple Ways to Save on New Baby Essentials

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Shopping for your new baby is a fun, but often overwhelming process. Even once you’ve figured out all of the baby products you need, you still have to find some way to pay for it all. Today’s pregnant women can easily spend thousands preparing for the arrival of their little one, which means that, if you’re on a tight budget, you can find yourself struggling pretty quickly. To keep costs and your stress levels down, here are five simple ways you can save on baby essentials.

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1. Shrink Your Shopping List

The very easiest way to save on your baby shopping is simply to buy less. Although there’s a lot you need for the arrival of your little one, there’s so much more people will try to convince you to buy, but you don’t actually need. Before every purchase, you should consider whether the item you’re getting is actually an essential or not. You should also hold off on buying too many clothes or toys at once, as babies can grow up and grow out of things faster than you can buy them.

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2. Use The Pregnancy Freebies

Baby clubs and brands tend to offer a constant stream of deals and coupons to use on baby and maternity products. This means that, by signing up to a few of their schemes, you can get free baby stuff that you would have otherwise had to pay for. Some of these schemes will require you to pay a small upfront cost, write a review, or fill out a survey, but there are many out there that need nothing from you at all.

3. Buy Double-Duty Furniture

Buying two pieces of furniture will almost always cost you more than buying one. With that in mind, you should shop around for baby furniture and accessories that have more than one purpose. There are plenty out there, from high chairs that turn into booster seats to changing tables that are also a dresser. You can also find cribs for little ones that transform into toddler beds when they get a little older. (I have all 3!)

4. Make Your Own Food

Formula and baby food can be quite costly, regardless of the brand you choose. For this reason, you may want to consider making food for your infant from scratch. As long as it is an option for you, you could start by breastfeeding, and then move on to fruits and vegetables that you stream, mash, or puree yourself. This can cut costs significantly, while also ensuring that your baby gets healthy and nutritious meals.

5. Welcome Second-Hand Stuff

Having a new baby doesn’t mean that you need to go out and buy all brand-new stuff. Instead, ask family and friends if they have any essentials you need, visit baby fairs in your local area, and look around online. By doing this, you can usually snap up a few things that are in great condition, but much cheaper than they would have been if you had bought them new. Just make sure that you always check items carefully before you buy them.

Having a baby can be costly, but, with the simple tips above, you can save money on the essentials.