Pregnancy with Kavik

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Our dogs name is Kavik.

He is a 2 year old, 85 lbs Brittany Spaniel/Rottweiler mix.  We adopted him from the BC SPCA in October of 2016, a week away from his 1st birthday.  He was the quiet dog in the back who liked to watch everyone. He walked on leash perfectly, listened to us attentively and he learnt very quickly.  He was the perfect puppy for a young couple trying to start a family.  Until we brought him home.  As soon as he had a permanent home he went ballistic!  He would jump on you the second you walked in the door until the second you walked out.  While you were gone (and sometimes while you were still home too) he would chew absolutely anything that was left out.  His attention span went to 0.0001 of a second, and couldn’t be taught anything.  When you laid down to go to sleep, he thought it was playtime and would continuously jump on you and play bite until you just about lost your mind.

So how do you deal with a dog like THAT while pregnant?

You train him.   It can be pretty stressful when you know you have less than 9 months (we had a few extra) to make a good boy out of a hellion.  It takes a lot of time, a lot of patience, and a lot of repetition, but it does work.  You can find a local puppy training school, where he can be socialized and taught by a professional.  I got Kavik to a point where I could call him “Good Boy” and actually mean it, he could to go to bed calmly and to stop jumping up on us when we came through the door.  He still has his excitable moments, but at least he looks like this at bed time now:


With lots of exercise and play time, he usually just lays at the window to watch over the neighborhood or cuddle with Mom and Dad on the couch.


He’s a good dog now, and will forever be part of our family.