A Rant about Pregnancy

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Being Pregnant SUCKS!!

Yes, there is the whole excitement aspect of pregnancy; the dreaming of possibilities, picking out names, imagining what your baby is going to be like or look like, finding out if it’s a he or she, picking out teeny tiny little baby clothes, and decorating the nursery.  But for the most part, being pregnant really does suck.  Moms warn you about all the symptoms, but I think they have forgotten what it’s actually like by the time they tell you.  So let me tell you while it’s still very fresh in my mind.

In the beginning, I was nauseous All. The. Time. I couldn’t smell any food, perfume or even the slightest of rank smells without running to the bathroom.  The prenatal vitamin I was given for free from my employers healthcare plan tasted like dirt (I’m talking legitimate soil from the ground), and made me throw up every time I took it.  I was falling asleep everywhere I went, and let me tell ya, when you have to wake up at 5 in the morning, staying awake for a full day of work is not easy!  And when you Do have the time to get a few extra Z’s in, can you actually sleep? Nope, not a chance! You are constantly uncomfortable. Constantly. Not to mention, you can never bring enough snacks to work, so be prepared to dish out some extra cash for some extra food, like way more than I ever expected.  Currently, my ankles are the size of my calf muscles.  Every time I stand up, it feels like I’m walking on giant blisters that are prepared to pop at any second.  Icing them doesn’t help, elevating them doesn’t help, soaking them in freezing cold water doesn’t help. Nothing. Helps.  I can’t regulate my temperature to save my life.  Hot then Cold.  Cold then Hot.  My feet and legs are hot due to the swelling, but my torso and arms are cold.  There is no winning.  At least not until she arrives.

That day can NOT come soon enough!