Pregnancy Brain

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The affects of Pregnancy Brain are REAL

Lets be honest, I wasn’t the smartest cookie in the jar before I was pregnant, but hey! I made it through! Fake it ’til you make it, right?  …Some people bought it.  I, like many others, used to think that pregnancy brain was just something pregnant women said so that they could get away with thinking about baby stuff rather than the task at hand.  WRONG!  I almost put the scoop of dog food in the toilet this morning (woops… wrong bowl).  I may not be the smartest, but I’m also not the dumbest!  I know that the dog’s kibble does not belong in the toilet.  I blame Pregnancy Brain.

Here is a list of some of the things I do on a regular basis that I blame pregnancy brain for:

  • Forget what I said 3 seconds ago
  • Leave my Phone/Keys/ or wallet in the house so I have to run back in to get them
  • Forget what I said 3 seconds ago
  • Misunderstand or just cannot comprehend the super simple topic people are talking about
  • Here’s a task from my boss, walk back to my cubicle, forget the task my boss just gave me
  • Leave laundry in the washer for Way too long because I simply forgot it was there and having to re-wash it
  • Pour water from the Brita filter on my cereal (On multiple occasions it was the last bowl of cereal)
  • Leave the keys hanging in the door after I lock it and have to go back to get them before I can start my car
  • Forget if I have already completed a task, and do it again (super waste of energy by the way…)
  • Start an email at work, get distracted, leave the important email sitting there, half written until I am about to go home and closing all my windows.  Write and send the email super quick before I go home.  Come back to work the next day and realize the email doesn’t make sense
  • Forget to do the most basic of routine tasks, like brush my teeth before leaving the house in the morning
  • Make plans without checking my calendar.  Cancel plans 15 minutes later because it conflicts.

These are just the ones I can remember… and with pregnancy brain that means it’s probably just a fraction of the real list.

Here’s how I dealt with it:

  1. Write EVERYTHING down!  Carry a notebook with you at ALL times.  When I say write everything down, I’m talking to-do’s, how-to’s, when-to’s and even why-to’s.  Personally, I like the Bullet Journal.  It’s a simple, old school way to keep track of everything you do, personal and professional all in one place (if you so choose).  I have been using the Bullet Journal system at work, and it has saved my ass on more than one occasion.  For personal, I have been keeping majority of my to-do’s and how-to’s on an app called Cozi.  It’s great, it can be used on Android, iPhone and desktop.  You can log in and see your calendar, your spouse can log in and see their calendar, you can update their calendar or vice versa, you can have a shared calendar for both of you and your baby, you can make grocery lists that both of you can edit, you can meal plan and keep recipes.  It is just a great all round app, that I think everyone should have.

Try the Cozi Family Organizer today. It’s FREE!

2.    One thing at a time!  Before pregnancy I would have about 15 tasks going at the same time. Not anymore. One, single thing at a time is the only way to get things done.  Having a conversation? Put your phone down, turn the TV off, pay attention to every word the other person is saying (You should be doing this anyway, right?).  If you can’t pay attention, I promise you’ll be lost in 10 seconds flat!  Cleaning the floors? Take out your list, sweep or vacuum the floors, cross it off your list. Put the broom away, cross it off your list. Mop the floors, cross it off your list. put the mop in the tub to dry, cross it off your list.  Later, when the mop is dry, put it away, and you guessed it! Cross it off your list.

It may seem tedious, but trust me!  It works.

And according to this article, it’ll last up to 2 years. I sure hope not!