How to Choose the Right Baby Formula – Guest Post

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There are so many choices we have to make as new parents. One of the most important decisions will always be what to feed our child. Breastmilk or Formula? Organic? Or is it just hype?

While some parents and scientists state that breastmilk is the very best option for an infant, sometimes breastmilk just isn’t an option though, due to many different and sometimes personal reasons and we might need to supplement our children with baby formula or switch to formula altogether. If this is the case, we obviously want the very best available for our child and while there seem to be many great options available, if we have a closer look at what the ingredients are in some even called “organic” formulas in the US and even Canada, your findings might be shocking.

Today Ylva Williams, co-owner of Organic Baby Food Shop and mother of two will share her experience.

“Due to low breast milk supply, when the first of our two daughters were born we started to look into infant formula to add to her diet! We had already read quite a lot on this topic and were honestly worried, to say the least, about the ingredients and production of formulas in the USA.


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During our investigations, we kept finding articles based on research that infant formula produced in Europe was of much better quality than the US-based infant formula, which includes ingredients that seemed almost poisonous to children.

How to ch

We strongly believe in only feeding our babies organic foods, so we were very surprised to see that even the so-called “organic” baby formulas produced and sold in the US contain very harmful ingredients such as: Sucrose (pure sugar), Genetically modified Soy, Synthetic Nutrients (which can contain very harmful chemicals) Dioxin (can cause cancer), GMO (can cause cancer and organ failure) Melamine (can cause kidney failure in babies).


It seemed almost impossible to get an even organic formula that would not include at least one of the above-mentioned ingredients, which are truly poisoning for babies, within the USA. At this point we were desperate. Thankfully, we had a close family friend who lives in Germany come to the rescue. He was feeding his children Lebenswert and urged us to try it. When we researched Lebenswert, by a company called Holle not only did their formula not include any of the ingredients we were not willing to feed our babies but also stood for Demeter Standards and environmental sustainability. Demeter standards exceed anything we know about the organic farming. We were thrilled! We wanted to feed Lebenswert to our babies, but ran into another problem: It was not sold in the US. After a long online search, we ran into a few suppliers online, but who only sold formulas close to the expiration date, highly overpriced and provided poor service. However, this formula was so great and healthy that we had no other option. This was when we decided to go to Germany ourselves and meet with the Lebenswert manufacturer (Holle) in person to build up a great solution to share with families across the USA!”


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For almost 2 years now, the Organic Baby Food Shop imports directly from their warehouse in Germany to the US for their retail and wholesale sites, and to Canada for their wholesale site and have offices/ Warehouses in Austin, Texas , Los Angeles, California, New Jersey / New York and personally check each shipment before it departs Germany, as well as when it arrives in Texas, California, and New Jersey, to ensure the best quality and freshness for your baby

Though it seems nearly impossible to completely avoid exposure to chemicals and toxins, limiting dangerous ingredients especially in the most important stage of your baby’s life is essential to ensure healthy growth and a happy healthy future life.