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Me Time: 5 Ways to Unwind when the Kids are Away

As your family grows with each new baby, the parents’ free time dwindles with each arrival. Even having just one child can take away time for other activities. However, it is important for moms and dads to have time for themselves. Time where they can enjoy activities, relax and have fun. Very busy parents might not know what to do with unexpected free time when their kind friends and relatives keep the children overnight. Here are a few tips for unwinding when the kids are away unexpectedly.

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Catch Up On Sleep

Babies, especially breastfed babies, typically nurse every two to three hours at first. As they grow, they can gradually wait three to four hours for their next feeding. Parents who supply natural milk or a bottle have to adjust their schedules to be available when the little one needs to eat. Bottle-fed babies can be fed by others and not just the mother, but feeding time is also bonding time between parents and baby.

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It is not surprising that most new parents are sleep-deprived. Often getting by on a few hours at night and if they’re lucky, a nap or two during the day. When you get some time to yourself, consider catching some Z’s. Not only will you feel more rested and refreshed when you resume baby duties, but your immune system and concentration will also be pumped to improve your health and ability to care for your child.

Have a Spa Day

Getting the works at a spa, including a facial, manicure, pedicure, and whole-body massage. It will make you feel human again, unlike the zombie you may become during your baby’s early weeks and months.

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Personal attention to comfort and beauty can help to restore a mom’s natural femininity or a dad’s virility when getting the male version of a spa visit. Being pampered does wonders for your psyche and stokes resilience so you can return to parent duty refreshed and on point.

Go for Lunch with Friends

Meet your buddies at a favorite eatery for a lunch you have been longing for. Without a fussy baby in tow, you can actually relax and enjoy the company of good friends, who will likely make you laugh, while catching up on recent events.

4 people sitting around a table eating food together while the kids are away.

Staying in touch with friends provides a social outlet that is like balm for the soul, and contributes to keeping depression and isolation away.

Go All-Day Shopping

You may be able to make a quick trip to the mall with your newborn, but a messy diaper or the approach of feeding time can cut your shopping plans short. With several hours to yourself, take your time and window shop. Browse sales events, and try on all the new outfits you have been eyeing. You could also visit a food fair with free samples or possibly visit a winery to check out seasonal offerings. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a good time. Find out what’s new and trendy as well as get ideas for future purchases.

Enjoy a TV Binge

If you have been recording episodes of your favorite television series, now is the time to catch up on all the ones you missed. Make some popcorn. Slip into your comfort clothes. Switch on the tube for hours of a fantasy escape into the world of exciting make-believe characters and situations. You can also rent a couple of films you’ve been itching to see without concern over frequent baby interruptions.

While the kids are away this Woman likes to lay with TV remote in hand while eating popcorn from a bowl

A day to yourself, or even just several hours, is precious time that can be applied to meeting your physical, emotional, and social needs. A happy, healthy person makes for a well-rounded parent. A day without the kiddos is a gift for the entire family that benefits everyone.

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