Losing Control with Postpartum Depression

If you have ever suffered from depression or anxiety, you know how awful it is. It can make someone feel like they have no control over their mind. You want to be happy but your mind says, “NO!” You can tell yourself that there’s nothing to be afraid of and there’s no reason to panic but your mind thinks otherwise.

Losing Control with Postpartum Depression

The way I have always looked at depression and anxiety is losing that control over your mind. Your mind is a very powerful thing and you do not want to lose control over it.

Now, picture yourself finally getting a grasp on that control and BAM, you get pregnant. Now, all those hormones are all out of whack and you are losing all control of your mind again. You are struggling to get through each day because you are trying to plan and care for your baby, and trying to do that after losing control of your mind is really, really hard.

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Postpartum depression is the depression that happens when your hormones get out of balance after having a baby. It can also be when somebody already has depression and after they have a baby their depression gets much worse.

Losing Control with Postpartum Depression - Woman sitting with cup of coffee and head in knees

I got diagnosed with anxiety and depression right after I graduated high school. I saw a team that consisted of a psychiatrist, psychologist, and a therapist. They put me on medicine and in therapy and they worked together to help me. It didn’t take long at all before I was able to manage my symptoms without medication. Then I got pregnant and shortly after I had my first child I was back on the meds. The medication helped me gain that control back so that I could use my coping strategies. I ended up having to do that same thing after my two younger babies were born.

Depression is Serious

Depression and Anxiety is a very serious matter whether it is before baby or after baby. But, I know that there are many new moms who may have postpartum depression and have no idea what is going on or why. Every time I went to my doctor after having a baby they gave me a survey with signs of depression. Every time I went to my babies doctors appointments they gave me the same survey.

Losing control with postpartum depression

I think it is amazing that the doctors are taking postpartum depression so seriously because IT IS SERIOUS. New moms are already exhausted and depression just wears your body out even more. When people are tired and aren’t thinking straight, that’s when accidents happen. Accidents that could have been prevented by taking care of yourself and making sure that your needs are being met as well. For those of you moms that think you might have postpartum depression, GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR NOW!!!

Hang in There

Remember that it is okay to ask for help. There are other moms who have been there and they totally understand and would be willing to help out. This is where that strong support system is important. It does not matter if they are family, friends or strangers, just start building that support system right away. Maybe you need a babysitter so that you can go to a doctors appointment for yourself. It could just be that you need another mom to talk to and help you get through a tough time. Reach out and take care of yourself so you can focus on that new bundle of joy.

How did you cope with your postpartum depression?  Do you have any resources to help other moms with Postpartum depression? Let us know in the comments below!

I am a mother of 3 and married to an amazingly supportive man. Motherhood is crazy and I want to help moms get through it with support and acceptance. Mothers are strong women and being a mom is the best superpower there is.
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