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Keeping the Kids Happy on the Road Trip

Running a road trip with the kids at any time of the year can be hard, and when you are planning to go a fair distance away from home it can be difficult to keep your children happy and excited. But don’t fret moms and dads, because today we have a few simple tips and tricks to to keep your kids excited and happy on the road.

picture of SUV with roof storage while on road trip. Text overlay: "Keeping the Kids Happy on the Road Trip"

Make More Space for the Road Trip

The first thing you will want to think about when packing up the car for a trip is the space you will have left for the children to sit. It can be uncomfortable enough sitting in the car for hours on end, but if your children have to fight with bags and boxes too, it can be a nightmare waiting to happen.

SUV with roof storage on a road trip

Ideally you will want the kids to fall asleep in the car, and to do this you will want them to have space to get comfortable. Roof Pods are an ideal solution for this issue as you can pack up most of your luggage in here and not have to worry about putting things in the back seats.

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Snacks, Snacks and MORE SNACKS!

The way to a child’s heart is their stomach, and if you don’t bring food along with you on the road, you’ll know about it pretty swiftly. Kids can get pretty cranky when they don’t eat for a long time, so make sure that you have plenty of crisps, chocolate and drinks for them to have on the way. This will keep them full and quiet and allow you to have a much more relaxing car journey.

Frequent Pit Stops

The best thing you can do for yourself and the kids when on a road trip is to stop at the service station now and again and also find parks or playgrounds to relax in for a while before you head back off.

Father and son playing soccer during pit stop on road trip

Being in the car for a long period of time isn’t comfortable and it can cause you to get cranky and tired. Everyone in the car will benefit from some fresh air and a stretch now and again to prepare them for heading back on the road.

Play Games in the Car

If you want to get the kids involved in the trip and inject some fun into your car ride, you can find games to play in the car which will keep everyone happy and laughing. You can do 20 questions, classics like I spy or try something totally new. You can even let the kids make up their own game for fun even if the rules make no sense!

Provide Road Trip Entertainment

If you fancy a relaxing ride in the front of the car, one great way to achieve this is to download a few movies onto a tablet or a phone and let the kids watch them in the back of the car. It will keep them focused and quiet and the time will fly by once you reach your destination.

Kids sleeping in back seat while on road trip

You can also let them play games on your phone or bring colouring books and pencil crayons with you for them to use.

Good luck on your road trip, and I hope you get where you are going safely and in a timely manner!

Got any other great tips for road tripping with kids? Leave them in the comments below.