Interesting Facts About Babies

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Brand new humans are magnificent beings, there are so many interesting facts about babies.  Here are a few that I found particularly interesting.

Newborns don’t shed tears

Babies don’t develop tears until they are 1-3 months old.  It’s not that their tear ducts don’t work, because they do, they just produce enough tears to lubricate the eyes.

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Babies have more bones than adults

When you are born, you start out with about 305 bones, then as you grow and develop bones in your skull fuse together, and some “bones” that were actually cartilage harden and become real bone.  By the time your are an adult, you have 206 bones.

Most babies are born with blue eyes

Majority of babies are born with blue-grey eyes.  When baby is 6-9 months old, they will either change to brown, green, hazel or stay the same, but baby’s eyes almost never get more blue.


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1 in 3 babies have birthmarks

Most birthmarks disappear over time.  Read more about birthmarks here.

Crazy amount of taste buds

Babies have a whole lot more taste buds than adults.  Not only are their taste buds on their tongues, but also all around the inside of their mouth’s  These extra taste buds disappear after a while.

Gymboree Kids Clothing Newborn to Size 12Big brains

A baby’s brain will double in size in their first year, and be half the size of their adult brain at age 1.

Great recognition of sound

Your baby can hear even while in the womb, and can recognize Mom’s voice after birth even if all she says is one syllable.


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The protein that keeps baby’s skull from fusing is called noggin.


Human babies are the only primate that smile at their parents.  Their first social smile is usually between 4 and 6 weeks of life.

Diapers, Diapers and more diapers

The average baby will go through approximately 2,700 diapers a year.  That’s a lot of poop!


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