When will I FEEL like I am Pregnant?

As soon as you see that positive pregnancy test, you know you are pregnant. Then you continue to live life as per normal (without the alcohol of course!) and you don’t feel like there is a human growing inside of you. So when does it really kick in? When do you FEEL pregnant as opposed to just knowing?

Pregnant belly with woman and mans hands - test overlay: "When will I feel Pregnant as opposed to just knowing"

For some it is when the morning sickness kicks in:

Feeling pregnant for the first time is a unique experience as you don’t exactly know what to expect or how you are going to feel until ALL OF A SUDDEN it happens. Just 9 weeks prior I had found out I was pregnant and was super excited but definitely did not feel pregnant. This was tough for me as I am very active and competitive in group sports as I really wanted to be on the soccer field with my teammates playing as I felt more than capable and able but knew I needed to be in the stands watching.

Then all of a SUDDEN on a 3 hour car ride to a friend’s wedding at 9 weeks pregnancy hit me like a ton of bricks. I felt very queasy the entire car ride and only ordered a bun for dinner as that is all I could stomach.

The next morning I felt much better and my husband and I went out for breakfast before exploring for the day as we arrived in town a day early for the wedding. Breakfast tasted amazing until 25 minutes later I found myself at the edge of a plaza in the parking lot throwing up in a field of grass, not my finest moment.

Tums, gingerale, water all the regular tricks just weren’t helping… I struggled through the weekend and the only meal I was able to keep down over those 4 days was the Wedding Dinner – thankfully! We returned home and the nausea and vomiting followed along from 9 weeks until about 17… it was a rough summer to say the least!

Erin from Little Miss Kate

When I first found out I was pregnant, it was hard to believe it because I felt exactly the same. It’s funny because I thought about the fact that I was pregnant almost constantly, but it didn’t fully sink in because there were many times I would forget.

It wasn’t until week 7 or 8 when I woke up feeling completely hungover despite not having drank a sip of alcohol that I realized “ohhh this is morning sickness! There actually is something going on in there!” That’s when I felt pregnant in a bad way.

Around the start of the second trimester I started seeing a little bump and then it became very tangible and real. Sharing the news with others around that time and being able to talk openly about it makes it more real too.

Caitlin, Real Mom Recs

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When I first got pregnant I remember wondering when I would actually feel pregnant because I saw the positive pregnancy test but still felt like normal me.

It wasn’t until I was around 7-8 weeks pregnant that I really felt pregnant because that’s when I started feeling nauseous all day long.
It was so bad I had a hard time brushing my teeth! I noticed every time I tried to brush towards the back teeth or brush my tongue…I gagged horribly. And I couldn’t brush with my head down because that would also trigger my gag reflex.

That’s when I was like oh yea…I’m definitely pregnant!
I remedied that as much as possible by brushing with my head pointed up towards the ceiling.

I also could barely eat anything. My meals consisted pretty much of white rice, La Croix seltzer, and plain waffles! I couldn’t stomach anything else. I remember thinking how crazy it was that all the hormone changes from the little peanut that was growing inside me was having such an effect on my body! also remember hoping the nausea didn’t last my entire pregnancy, (luckily it ended after my first trimester).

Christina from Raising Biracial Babies

Other’s don’t feel pregnant until they literally felt their baby moving inside of them:

I was lucky and the beginning of my pregnancy was super easy. I only got sick a couple times during my entire pregnancy (and only when I drank coffee!). Although I knew I had my little baby growing in me, most days I would forget because I didn’t feel pregnant.

When we went in for our first doctor’s appointment and saw our tiny baby, it was amazing. But for some reason, I still didn’t feel pregnant and still forgot most days!

For me, it finally started to feel real and I finally felt pregnant once my baby started kicking. It truly is the coolest feeling ever and no words can explain how amazing those little kicks and hiccups are. Once he started kicking, I finally felt like my baby was growing in there. I loved being able to poke him a little and watch him respond by kicking and rolling around. And I connected so much more with him because I felt him moving every day. He made sure to wiggle around enough to remind me that he was in there!

These little kicks were amazing and finally made me realize that I was really going to be a mom!

Danielle from Piece of Cake Parenting
feel pregnant - woman holding her pregnant belly

For me, this is my 4th pregnancy, but for all my babies I haven’t really ‘felt’ pregnant until I felt each of them move. For each of my pregnancies this was at different times. Prior to feeling the babies move, I just felt sick and grumpy!

I found the feeling of a baby moving very magical and it makes me feel amazed and honored to be able to carry this little life inside me. It makes me long to hold them in my arms and it is terribly exciting and terrifying all at once!

Dana from Natural Earthy Mama

It really hit me that I was pregnant when felt the baby move inside of me and my bump started appearing, between 20 and 28 weeks. There were many emotions surrounding me. Wow! I was preparing to bring a child into the world.

With my first pregnancy, I was anxious about labor because I didn’t know physically what to expect besides what was explained to me in childbirth classes, in articles I read and from what my friends told me. I was excited to become a mom and looked forward to dressing my baby in all the cute clothes.

With my second pregnancy, I was excited to welcome another child into our family. I was also slightly anxious, nervous and unsure how I was going to manage being a mom to a toddler and a newborn. I tried to think about how I would manage the household, keep my daughter happy & entertained, and attend to the constant needs of my son. As I got closer to my due date, and then as my due date came and went, I felt ready to become a mom of two children and start our lives as a family of four.

Gwendolyn from Nurturing Family & Self
feel Pregnant - woman holding belly with one hand scrabble letters "boy" in other hand

I didn’t really feel pregnant until about 14 weeks. It was the night before our gender reveal party. You know how you wake up a little when you roll over? I rolled over in the middle of the night, and I felt her move for the first time. That’s when I fully woke up because it was the most amazing feeling, and I actually felt pregnant.

Niki from Toot’s Mom is Tired  

For other mothers, the reality of being pregnant hits when there were physical signs:

I didn’t really feel pregnant until I got the “linea negra.” It’s a dark line that runs down the center of your belly during pregnancy for some women. I remember looking in the mirror when I was a few months pregnant and it was just there. My thoughts were instantly “OMG I’m actually pregnant.” 

For some reason all the other signs didn’t scream pregnancy until that moment. I had been sick before and felt tired. But this freak of nature line, was the most beautiful and joyful mark I had ever seen on my body. My husband didn’t understand my excitement, but for me, that was THE moment.

Stormy from Pregnant Mama Baby Life
feel pregnant - woman sitting in a field looking to the sky

Since having three kids, pregnancy has been different for me with all of them. However, something that I realized is, I never really felt pregnant until I was able to wear maternity clothes. I know, I’m a freak of nature. I never had morning sickness and my boobs never really hurt. Wearing maternity clothes and feeling my babies roll around was really my “I’m pregnant” sign. 

Talin from the Half Stay At Home Mom Blog

And for some, it was a little more scary:

I was one of those lucky women who had a fairly “easy” pregnancy. At first, that is. No sickness, no swelling, no cravings… but then, the round ligament pain hit at 22 weeks! I started constantly “lifting” my belly to ease the pain, but the ache was pretty constant.

I hoped a maternity belt could take over the lifting for me, so nervously entered my very first maternity store to seek one out. A wonderfully kind sales associate helped me pick one to try on, and my husband accompanied me to the dressing room. When I put it on, my once round belly suddenly looked like a shelf.

“I hate the way it feels, and I hate the way it looks, and I WANT TO LEAVE,” I cried, as I threw the belt off and ran from the dressing room in a fit of tears. That’s the day my pregnancy, and all the conflicting emotions that came with it, really hit me.

Hormones, amirite? Luckily, I didn’t need the belt after all, because the pain eased up shortly after… BUT was promptly replaced by a diagnosis of gestational diabetes. UGH!

Mary Beth from A Reluctant Mom
feeling Pregnant woman having contraction in birthing suite of Maternity Hospital

The fact that I was pregnant didn’t hit me until 8 weeks after I took the test. All the stories I’d read about pregnancy were of glowing moms, feeling radiant and excited about their impending motherhood.
I felt nothing. I questioned whether I was even meant to be a mother if I couldn’t get excited about this miracle happening within me.

Then one night, I woke up to a pool of blood on the sheets. I knew it wasn’t right and called the hospital. They told me to come in right away.
It was in the ER where I finally felt pregnant. I talked to my baby the entire time in the waiting room(luckily it wasn’t too busy). Begging him or her not to go. I said ‘I want you’ out loud for the first time and meant it. I even prayed something I hadn’t done since I was a kid. Shortly after I was taken for an ultrasound and saw my baby was alive and well, with a strong heartbeat. The doctor explained that bleeding through pregnancy is quite normal, if scary, and that I was fine. My healthy baby boy was born 29 weeks later.

Emma from Little House Lovely Home

Early on in my pregnancy I had some spotting and went to the doctor. 
Sitting in the waiting room, full of fear, it really hit me that I was
pregnant and responsible for a baby growing inside of me.
Everything turned out fine and I went on to have a happy, healthy,
beautiful daughter.  But that scare made it real for me.  I wish it hadn’t
been because of a scare, but it made me realize what a miracle pregnancy really is, how lucky I was and how excited I was!

Christina from Mom in the Six

Believe it or not, some Mothers don’t feel pregnant until their baby is almost here:

feel pregnant - ready to pop

My first son was a surprise baby. I honestly never thought I would have children because babies in general scared me. When I found out I was pregnant, I was terrified. I started reading everything I could find, and threw myself into the planning so I didn’t have to face the reality of what was going to happen at the end of that nine month road.

There was never that made for TV moment for me while I was pregnant.  Even as I was being admitted into the hospital, it didn’t feel like it was actually happening to me. The moment it became real was the moment his heart rate dropped during labor and we almost lost him. As the nurses surrounded me to prep for the emergency C-section, I knew there was nothing in the world that I wanted more than to meet my baby. The moment he was born was a rebirth for me into a new life I will never regret.

Mary from Organizing Chaos: 101

No matter when you start to feel pregnant, it is important to remember that every pregnancy is different and just because you don’t feel pregnant yet, doesn’t mean you are a bad mother or that there is something wrong with you. You’ll feel pregnant at some point within the 9 months, there is no right or wrong time.

When did you start to feel pregnant? Let me know in the comments!