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Expecting without Expecting Notifications

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I deleted my facebook profile a few months ago, I believe it was in March.  I was about 7 months pregnant at the time and people freaked out when they couldn’t find me on their friends list anymore.  So many people came to me asking what they did wrong, or asking why I blocked them.  Some people were confused as to why they could still chat with me but couldn’t post on my wall.  It was as if facebook was the one thing holding our relationship together,  and they just realized our lifelong friendship and our kinship was all about to fall apart.

So, why did I delete it in the first place?  Because I hate everyone and I don’t want anyone to know when my baby is born, obviously!  No, I’m kidding. The truth is: I didn’t find it useful at all.  Every time I would visit facebook, it ended with scrolling through the News Feed until the world stopped turning.  I don’t know about you, but I think that is a GIANT waste of time.  Since I quit the social media game, my life has become so much more productive, I have more time to spend with my family, and I have learnt so much about random things.  I feel so free. Like I’m not locked down with that awful routine of constantly checking my phone for notifications, just in case I miss something.  People ask all the time: “How am I going to know when the baby is born?”, “How am I going to wish you a happy birthday?”, “How am I going to get updates on the baby?”, “How am I going to make plans with you anymore?”, “Why would you do that? Now I won’t be able to see pictures of the baby!”  My response is always simple: “You have a phone, do you not? You can send/receive text messages, right?” It’s not like I have fallen off the face of the planet, I’m still here, I still care about you, I still want everyone to get their baby updates.  I’m not a monster.  I simply think that facebook may not the best way to do so.  For those family/friends reading this, you have my phone number, don’t be scared to give me a call!

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