Back up Plan

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You should always have a backup plan.  Whether it be a back up route while driving, tool while gardening, or a back up restaurant for lunch.  I am now 41 weeks, and 2 days pregnant, and the most viable route to the hospital closed, due to a huge accident, for approximately 14 hours.  I needed a back up plan.

The Plan

My plan is not complicated by any means; My doctor is about an hours drive away (with no traffic), I will give birth at the hospital she works at, and my baby will be delivered as naturally as possible (I am understanding that things can go wrong and modern medicine may have to intervene) by the On-Call Doctor in her Maternity Doctors Group.  Simple, right?  I thought so, until you throw in random factors, like the fastest route to the hospital being closed for over 12 hours.  So here are some things to consider when planning your backups:

  • Which Hospital
  • Route to the hospital
  • Pain relief options
  • Person to drive you to the hospital
  • Dog/Cat-Sitter
  • Vehicle you take to the hospital
  • Early Delivery
  • Late Delivery

The Backup plan

Hospital – There are 2 hospitals in the area. The far one that my doctor works for, and the closer option which is my back up plan.

Route to the hospital – There is only one viable route from home to my hospital of choice, so if that route is out of commission, we will be going to our back up hospital.

Pain relief options – I am planning on having a natural birth, but if the pain becomes unbearable, I will opt for nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to ease the pain.

Driver – The initial plan is Daddy will drive me to the hospital, but if he is at work, or closer to the hospital already, his parents are here visiting, so they will drive me and Daddy will meet me at the hospital.

Dog sitter – Again, Daddy’s family will be dog sitting while we are in the hospital, and if I had gone into labour before they arrived in town, I gave a key to a friend who lives close by.

Vehicle to take to the hospital – All of our Go-Bags are in my vehicle, but if my vehicle breaks down or does not start, we will use either Daddy’s vehicle or Daddy’s parents rental vehicle.

Early Delivery – I’m past this point, but I had everything ready to go and planned a few months ahead of time.  I used some vacation time just before my due date in case she came early.

Late Delivery – I am on sick leave from work until the baby comes and will start my maternity leave when she arrives.