31 Baby Halloween Costumes for 2018

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Halloween is coming soon, and if you are anything like me, you have no idea what to dress your baby as for the special day.  There are so many baby Halloween costume options and so many ideas.  I have narrowed it down to 31 options, all of which can be purchased through amazon, and delivered directly to your door, hassle free.

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Astronaut Baby Halloween Costume


Send your little one into outer space for the night with this adorable Astronaut costume.  Also available in pink, and larger sizes.

Fox Baby Halloween Costume


This little fox outfit is probably the cutest thing I’ve seen on the internet for quite some time.  I may even get it for my own little one. Also available as a white fox.



Teenage mutant ninja Turtle TMNT Baby Halloween Costume

Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle

This delightful TMNT costume comes with bandanas in all 4 colours.  Let your little one decide which Turtle he/she wants to be!

Doctor Baby Halloween Costume

Dr. Adorable

Just 6 months old, and already graduated from Med School! Now THAT is an accomplishment!  This cute outfit is as simple as dressing your baby for any other day, put him/her in a onsie, and you’ve got yourself an instant costume.

Penguin Baby Halloween Costume


What an adorable little baby penguin costume.  Keep your new baby warm this Halloween with this knitted blanket and hat designed to look like a penguin chick.

Lady Bug Baby Halloween Costume

Lady Bug

Lady bugs are the cutest bug out there!  This bug costume fits 1-9 months, making it perfect for Baby’s first Halloween.

Giraffe Baby Halloween Costume

Baby Giraffe

This pajama type Giraffe Calf costume will ensure your baby is comfortable all night long as well as cuter than any other baby on the block!

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Mummy Baby Halloween Costume

Mommy’s Mummy

Even Mummy’s love their Mommy’s!  This cute little mummy outfit should get your baby compliments and praise all night!

Monkey Baby Halloween Costume


I think every parent has called their baby their “little monkey” at some point or another.  Make it true for a night with this cute monkey costume, complete with a banana peel on his head!

Robin Baby Halloween Costume

How cute would it be if Mom or Dad dressed up as Batman, and baby dressed up as his trusty sidekick, Robin?  So cute!

Skeleton Baby Halloween Costume


Here’s an adorable take on a classic! Did you know that baby’s knee caps don’t show up in x-rays?  It’s because their knee caps are actually cartilage.  In this skeleton costume, the knee caps are missing!!

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Biker Baby Halloween Costume


What a tough little guy you have! This is your chance to make him look as tough as you know he is!  This awesome baby Halloween costume comes complete with sleeves that make it look like his arms are tattooed!  So cool.

Vampire Baby Halloween Costume


Another cute classic!  Baby has started biting while breastfeeding, and it really hurts how that he/she’s got teeth… Maybe baby IS a Vampire!!

Prisoner Baby Halloween Costume

Play Pen Prisoner

Send your baby to Play Pen Jail this Halloween with this cute prisoner costume.  Complete with fake tattoo sleeves and everything!  You could even dress the play pen up as a prison for you Halloween Party!

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Nerd Baby Halloween Costume


Send your baby to school for Halloween night.  You can’t get much cuter than this!

Pea in a pod Baby Halloween Costume

Pea in a Pod

This would be perfect for two baby best friends! They’re as close as two peas in a pod!  Haha I crack myself up!  Or maybe the other baby best friend could go as a carrot (Forrest Gump reference for those of you who aren’t sure)

Cow Baby Halloween Costume


I don’t know what it is about farm animals and babies, but they compliment each other so well! Just look at those ears on this calf costume!

Sheep Baby Halloween Costume


Another Parent/Baby combo costume idea:  Little Bo Peep and her Sheep.  It would be delightful to see this knock on my door this Halloween!

Superman Baby Halloween Costume


Every kid wants to be superman at some point in their Halloween adventures! Plus this one is warm and cozy.

Dinosaur Baby Halloween Costume


You and I both know that your little boy is going to be obsessed with dinosaurs.  Maybe he already is.  This baby Halloween costume is perfect for the dino-crazy little boy you’ve got on your hands.

Lobster Baby Halloween Costume


Look at this cute little creature from the sea! How can you say no to this little guy?

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Unicorn Baby Halloween Costume


This mystical creature is what every little girl wants to be for Halloween.  Sometimes we never grow out of it.  Matching Mom and Baby Halloween costume?

Pumpkin Baby Halloween Costume


Another Classic.  Maybe don’t put your baby in the gross Jack O’Lantern this year? Put baby in this instead!  It’s cuter.

Bat Baby Halloween Costume


You could go as a family of bats, or baby could be a bat to go along with your vampire costume.  Either way, this baby Halloween costume is easy and cute.

Cowboy Baby Halloween Costume


Howdy!  If ya’ll think this aint cute, you got another thing comin’ to ya! Such an adorable Baby Halloween Costume!

Sunflower Baby Halloween Costume


Mom/Dad could go as the sun, since sunflowers follow the sun everywhere.  Perfect for when baby can’t crawl yet.

Pepper Baby Halloween Costume

Hot Pepper

Maybe your family is going as a bunch of vegetables, I’m not sure why that would happen, but I’ve seen stranger! Even if you’re not going as vegetables, baby would look super cute in this!

Monster Baby Halloween Costume


You’ve probably called her your little monster at some point, why not make it true? Even if it is just for a night, it’ll be true from Halloween on.

Bee Baby Halloween Costume


Mom could go as the Queen Bee, Dad as a worker bee and baby as this adorable little baby bee.

Rabbit Baby Halloween Costume

Wittle Wabbit

This precious little rabbit Halloween costume even comes with a carrot rattle!  How could you not?  So cute!

Wonder Woman Baby Halloween Costume

Wonder Woman

Are you raising an empowered little woman with a complete mind of her own?  Why not dress her up as arguably the best woman super hero out there?

And that concludes my list of 31 Baby Halloween costumes for baby’s first in 2018.  If you can’t decide, you could always buy them all and dress baby up everyday in October!

Thanks for reading.  Share which are your favourite baby Halloween Costumes or other costume suggestions in the comments below!